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In the global ERP and CRM system solution, Odoo ERP is at the very top of the far more expensive solutions (SAP, Navision, Oracle), which in many elements surpasses. 

With more than 1000 installations per day and over 2 million users, it is leading the number of installations of management software.

Modular structure with more than 100 certified core modules and over 7300 additional modules that are being rapidly developed by over 5400 developers in over 120 countries around the world will meet all your business needs.

For your specific needs, our team will quickly and efficiently adapt one of the existing modules or create a new module.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Enhance communication with existing and future customers, and promote sales through simple management and business process monitoring.

CRM  provides easy business flow from leads, through phone calls, presentations, meetings, campaigns to create bids and sales orders, and billing.

Accelerate and automate processes by creating opportunities from a variety of sources, such as company websites, client emails, marketing campaigns, social networks, and many more.

Analyze your realization through campaigns, sales channels, and sales teams. 
Save time on administration and use it for identification and realization of business opportunities.


Whether you are invoicing the materials and services or goods according to price lists or specific contracted terms, ERP supports all known models.

Get rid of unnecessary notes and leave the system up to date with contractual terms with buyers and deadlines.

You can use the sales process in a simple way with a small number of mandatory elements with the ability to customize your use in complex terms with multiple units of product measurements with the help of configurators, customer price lists, checkmarks and quotas, and multiple delivery and billing addresses.

Analyze real-time sales through reports that you can customize to fit your needs.



mERP  is a mobile application that allows you to use ALL Odoo modules.  mERP  works on all Android devices (smart phones, tablets ...).

We pay special attention to WMS (Storage Process Management), where the device is used as a barcode scanner, as well as on mobile sales that can be used to enter orders in the field.

Ease, convenience, speed, and online mode are the key benefits of this application.


ERP procurement management allows you to track supplier and assortment conditions by simply creating orders for the required goods and services.

The system can, with your approval, form orders to suppliers for the materials needed in the production process or for the sold quantities of goods.

All ordered quantities are tracked to delivery, providing partial deliveries and automatic reminders.

Complete process control from looking at your needs and purchasing opportunities, from purchasing yourself to supplier control, allows you to easily and easily view the reports in different shapes.


An integrated management system for input and output management of the company in digital format with an emphasis on confirming, approving, and liquidating input documents (eg invoices) with the purpose of easy tracking and storage of scanned documentation.

By reducing the administration and storage costs, the 'paperless office' increases the efficiency by fast storage and document finding, and offers controlled access to documents in accordance with user privileges.

The internal messaging system also facilitates document tracking and easy communication, as well as accessing documents through links.


Organize and monitor your production process. Establish a production plan and automatic work orders, and follow the process with the help of a graphical interface.

Connect production process and work orders to an automated ordering system and process missing items at a time, and track them to delivery.

Take advantage of the flexibility  of  ERP   to create complex multi-level components, and track all utilities and production at the plant with the help of different reports.               

Keep track of production, working hours and capacities to ensure contracted delivery conditions for your products.

Warehouse operations

An innovative double-entry system ensures you complete traceability of every delivery from a vendor, buyer or processor, as well as internal warehouse turnover.

With the warehouse-level exchange, it is possible to use warehouse locations and sublocations with a detailed overview of the structure.

Identifying changes is maximized with the ability to apply automated logistic rules (minimum stock, purchase orders, etc.)

It is possible to keep track of all lottery transactions, complete tracking of  upstream   and  downstream   traceability.

Warehousing is integrated with the quality control system and enables easy receipt of goods and the implementation of quality control of warehouse entry and internal transfer.

Stock control and change with an easy-to-see anomaly provide you with review reports that you can tailor to your specific needs.

EAM - Enterprise Property Management

The Enterprise Asset Management module is used to manage asset management companies. EAM offers easy creation of maintenance facilities, maintenance plans, work orders, and asset maintenance schedules.

For defined maintenance facilities, maintenance plans are created that include intervals and maintenance intervals, planned items and hours, external services, and task lists, and generate work orders for preventive or corrective maintenance.

For simpler planning, the EAM Schedule is used and serves to automatically retrieve the work order of the objects according to the schedules that are scheduled to be maintained within the defined period.

Costs can be monitored at the level of work order, maintenance facility or superior facility (sum of costs of subordinate objects), spent items, hours of work and external services.


Manage costing by compiling cost calculations, make comparisons, calculate inventory prices, and cost-savings as a basis for tracking business profitability.

Create monthly or annual financial plans, open budget centers, and reports.

Internal messaging system

Users of internal messages simply communicate within the system, exchange comments and documents, are informed about the tasks to be performed (eg approve an order, liquidate an account, correct a document, etc.), follow changes to the documents that follow,

Notifications can contain links that users quickly and easily access to related documents, such as a link to an account.

The emphasis is on information that comes to the user, which speeds up the task execution process. Reading notifications are archived in the user's compartment, and the user can subsequently access all the notifications he has received.


Establish an efficient and transparent accounting system in real time, fully adapted to applicable laws in the Republic of Croatia and HFSI, with the use of RRIF's contingency plan.

Based on the configuration of the method of accounting for business events, the bookkeeping records are automatically generated in real time by all the given analytical accounts when recording business changes in ERP.

Automated loading of the bank statement and closing of the items with the management of different currencies, as well as the simple formation of cash registers, ensure the financial bookkeeping's timeliness.

Fully localized tax records system enables automated formation of prescribed tax records (tax books, tax returns) and related postings based on recording of incoming and outgoing invoices.

Advanced reporting provides standard bookkeeping reviews (cards, balance sheets, RDGs), as well as other specific reports in graphical form.

Automated data exchange with external systems (SEPA, OPZ-stat, VAT, JOPPD, CNB, etc.).

Calculation of salaries and fees

It contains all the necessary records, the establishment and follow-up of the employment contract, calculation and record of annual leave and leave, and records of attendance at work. It is possible to load records from analytical records (production, projects).

The module in a simple and viewed way allows configuration and monitoring of all types of income in various combinations of determining the amount and tax treatment of employees and employees.

With suspension and loan records, the system enables automated payment management to ordinary and secured employee accounts. Payments and data for JOPPD are formed automatically and are delivered to banks and tax authorities in standard electronic form. In addition to accounting and standard reporting, the system offers the ability to deliver pay-as-you-go tickets via mail.

Human resources

Some of the key records within this module are:

Human resources
monitoring businesshours
Contract Management
records the presence at work
management employment
Evaluation employee
records leave and annual leave


Simply and quickly create a budget (simple import of Excel bills, duplication of existing or very fast and intuitive interface for creating new bills).

Creating and tracking your billing situation.

Automatically create prepayments and track them through situations (in whole or in part).

Easily and quickly create and invoice situations through complete integration with the Odoo Sales module.

Send messages and notify other users (escorts) of the billing account through complete integration with the Odoo Messaging module.


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